Common Grace

What is meant when we say that there is ‘common grace’? John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue in their book Biblical Doctrine explain it this way: “As an expression of the universal goodness and benevolence of God, common grace is experienced by all people without exception, including those who will never receive salvation” (p.488).   From Scripture … More Common Grace

Being Good Stewards

*I am still recovering from surgery, so I am sharing a post from about 8 months ago that didn’t receive much traffic.  Those new to the blog may not have seen this one.* As I was cleaning the bathrooms this morning I contemplated stewardship.  Wikipedia has a good definition of stewardship: an ethic that embodies … More Being Good Stewards

Ordained Ordeal

Last week our family was on our annual vacation enjoying time with my parents and grandparents in a beautiful location.  Half way through the week while playing pickle ball for the first time (it is a lot of fun!), my Achilles tendon ruptured bringing our trip to a premature end.   I’ve spent the week … More Ordained Ordeal