Weekend Roundup

17124533_671072006405644_1994873824_nIt’s time for a weekend roundup, where I share with all of you some great reads and resources that I have come across in the last week.

Starting us off, we have Debbielynne of the Outspoken Tulip blog, remind us what the aim of the true gospel is in her essay Smelly Preaching Wanted.

Elizabeth Prata made a succinct comparison of the Christian life and waiting rooms.  I loved it; it was a bulls-eye.  You’ll have to go see what I mean!

It is that time of year again, when people are eager to do something spiritual, and so they decide to participate in the unbiblical ritual of Lent.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I loathe Lent, because it is has the danger of being works-righteousness or a mere empty religious ritual.  Rachel at the Danielthree18 blog has written a really, really good piece about Lent, comparing it with what the Bible actually teaches us about the practice of fasting.  Please, go read this educational piece: Lent, Fasting, and Scripture.  Especially if you’ve been drawn into Lent.

Leslie over at growing4life continues her series with her brother, pastor Dean, on biblical discernment: Learn to Discern.  I am a broken record, but please go read this article.  Especially if you find yourself recoiling from the word discernment. 

The Shepherd’s Conference has been going on all week, and it has been wonderful!  There are still several general sessions that will be broadcast live today, if you have time to watch.  Be sure to check back in a week or so, as all of the sessions will be up on the website to watch at your leisure: The Shepherd’s Conference

The popular “Christian” book The Shack has been made into a movie.  Christians, this is not a biblical book.  If you find yourself objecting, please stop and remember that you are required by scripture to be a Berean.  Here is an article explaining the problems with the book: The Shack’s Cool God.  Also, here is a meme giving you a run down of the heresies taught in the book and movie.



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