Ann Voskamp, If Gathering, and what Christian ladies need to know

This past Saturday on Twitter, I came across a puzzling tweet from the popular author and speaker Ann Voskamp:


If ever there were a nebulous, confusing, reeber-robber statement, the above tweet from Ms. Voskamp most definitely fits the bill.  I honestly do not know what she is trying to communicate here, but seeing as it is far from being clear it is fairly safe to say it is not biblical.  Seeing as how popular, and therefore influential, Ms. Voskamp is among Christian women, I felt that this statement, and her involvement in the IF Gathering needed to be addressed.  In the course of our regular communication, I found out that my friend Elizabeth Prata of The End Time blog was already in the process of writing about this tweet and the whole situation of the IF Gatherings.  Elizabeth has been keeping track of both Ms. Voskamp and the IF gathering movement for some time.  She has taken great pains to provide unequivocal examples of the problematic aspects to IF and the leaders/speakers who are part of this movement.  

For today’s blog, I direct you to Elizabeth’s post here.  If you are a fan of Voskamp, or any of the IF Gathering ladies, I strongly encourage you to take the time and honor the Lord by reading through all of the article, the links provided, her past series on IF, and compare them with scripture.  Please be Bereans and do your due diligence.  I understand that it is hard to hear negative things about people we admire and look to as examples.  Perhaps they have been through similar circumstances as you, or have said something that seemed to meet you right where you were, with the right understanding and compassion, providing the encouragement you needed at just the right time.  I understand, I really do.  

However, may I gently remind you of your first, and preeminent love?  Jesus, the God of the universe, the sacrificial Lamb who took your sin away and made a way for you to have eternal life in His presence?  I know dear Christian sister, that if I asked you each individually who was the most important in your life you would respond rightly with “the Lord”.  Therefore, regardless of how much we like, relate to, admire, or have a past, positive experience with, they must be subservient to the Lord and His eternal Word.  We must resist the urge to elevate our human attachments above our allegiance and worship of the Lord.  I pray that if you have been following these ladies and their movement, that you will examine the resources provided with an open heart and a mind that is governed by the Truth, comparing what they say and what they do with scripture to see if it is so.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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