Wednesday Wrangle-Up

I spent the first half of my day snowshoeing and taking pictures.  It was a beautiful clear blue sky, and bright white glittering snow.  I spotted a pair of bald eagles, a red-tailed hawk, Canadian geese, ducks, and I startled a herd of deer.  The leader of the deer herd did not like my presence at all, and made the most fascinating distress call to alert the herd.  It was sort of like the sound of a sleeping bag zipping up and also sliding along the bottom of a tent.  Anyhow, I enjoyed my morning adventure taking in the beauty of our Creator.  Therefore, today I have decided to share some interesting articles and links with you as I am limited on writing time.

Here is a picture I took today of a Bald Eagle in flight.  I made a it into a scripture meme picture:


Rachel over at the Danielthree18 blog has written an interesting book review.  The book is Know the Creeds and Councils by Justin Holcomb.  This book is a great ‘church history for beginners’, and I will definitely be purchasing it in the near future!  Go read Rachel’s review, it is very interesting.

Rebekah at the blog Wise in His Eyes has also written an excellent review of a popular book for Christian ladies.  The book is Restless: Because you were made for more by Jennie Allen.  Rebekah asks some very good questions and does a wonderful job analyzing the book in light of Biblical truth.  If you are a fan of Jennie Allen and the ‘If gathering’ gang, be sure to read this review.

Elizabeth Prata wrote an interesting piece yesterday Are all doctrines equal?  Elizabeth has been doing online lessons at Ligonier Connect, and this article is an explanation of some of the material she has been learning.  Please read it.

Over at the Grace to You blog, there is a piece by Dr. MacArthur on the Legacy of Martin Luther.  This year marks 500 years since the reformation, so this will be of interest to many, I am sure!  

Lastly, pastor Gabe Hughes who is the creator of the When We Understand the Text short videos, has reviewed some of the comments made by Beth Moore at Passion 2017.  You can find the article by pastor Gabe, here.   This post by pastor Gabe makes excellent, Bible-based points that every Christian should read, considering how popular and easily received Moore is.  Please take the time to read it. I emphatically do not recommend sending your youth to a Passion conference.  For starters, they do not allow parents or adults to accompany the youth.  That should give you pause.  Elizabeth Prata from The End Time blog did a 3 part review of Passion 2013, carefully comparing it to biblical truth.  If you are curious about why I am not supportive of Passion, this series is a great place to start.


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